SMOTE node converts Integer to Decimals & Round Double node did not fix the Decimal

Hi all

I am currently using the version 4.7.6 of KNIME Analytics Platform, updated on 18/8/2023.
After using partitioning node followed by SMOTE node, the 2 Integers column were converted to Decimals.
Refer to File1-SMOTE and Round Double Node.

I followed the advice from KNIME Team to use the Round Double node to work around the issue, but it does not work.
Refer to File2-Proposed solution and issue fixed by KNIME Team
Refer to File3-Round Double Node_Settings
Refer to File4-Output of SMOTE Node and Round Double Node (Fictitious Data)

Appreciate your attention and advice. Great thanks.

Hi @taysl and welcome to the forum.

Have you tried the Double To Integer node instead? I don’t think that node existed when the (old!) post you are referencing was written.


Hi @ScottF

Thank you for your great advice. The issue has been resolved instantly.

Best regards

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