SNC when connecting to SAP


I have a node that i use to connect to SAP and download data from the related box. This requires a username and password which are both supplied in the credentials field when the flow is opened.

Recently we brought in Multi Factor Authentication, this requires us to now enter a random six digit code that is generated every thirty seconds via PingID. We need to take this code and enter it to ensure that it is the user, using the laptop from that destination. The node i was working on, was working fine the other day, now this has been brought in i receive an error message (which i assume comes from SAP) that says “SNC required for this connection”.

How can I pull the random six digit number and put it into the Multi factor authentication program?

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I also have a similar problem. Does anyone know if there is a credential manager API or any other API functionality which can be used to get round multi-factor authentication through SAP?


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Hello Thomas,

I don’t have an answer for your situation unfortunately but i’m curious about the node used to connect tot SAP. I’m having a hard time connecting KNIME to SAP ECC (not HANA). Could you please give me more details?


Hi there @Lucian_ML,

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Does JDBC driver exists for SAP ECC? If so connecting with DB Connector should theoretically work…


Hi @ipazin ,
Thanks for the time to answer this. Unfortunately there is no JDBC for ECC to setup a connection easily like in HANA’s case. Either, way I gave up this idea of a direct connection and managed it differently.


Hello Lucian,
we are looking into an integration of various SAP systems including SAP ECC. I will ping you here as soon as I know more about it.



If anyone is still looking for SAP connectivity, please check out the KNIME Connector for SAP(KCS):