Snowflake Connectors for KNIME

Attaching two workflows that allow users to connect and orchestrate Snowflake from within KNIME - with no code!

Different connectors offer the following functionality:

  1. Logging in to Snowflake
  2. Creating warehouses (for compute)
  3. Creating databases (to store data)
    note: Snowflake breaks compute from storage to enable simple scaling
  4. Writing data to a new database table.
    2 options for inputs - in-db, or KNIME table
  5. Appending data to an existing database table
  6. Reading data from an existing database table.
    2 options for outputs - in-db or KNIME table

Hope it helps! If anyone is interested in learning more please reach out to We will also be collecting feedback for KNIME as they look to build nodes for Snowflake shortly!

Snowflake_KNIME_Connectors_Day5Analytics_PUBLIC.knwf (1.2 MB)
Snowflake_KNIME_Workflow_Day5Analytics_PUBLIC.knwf (3.3 MB)
Alternatively: Snowflake-KNIME Workflows URL


Good work day5analytics!

Some more details of the KNIME installation are below:


  1. Workflow links as in original post
  2. Free 30-day Snowflake account with $400 credit
  3. Snowflake Maven Repository for JDBC Drivers (components require 3.12.9 or higher)


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