Software for qualitative Analysis and Evaluation of Printouts

We are working here on a new Printer. 
We have created different Test-Images and are able to print them out. 
Now we scan them and make a more subjective Evaluation of the Quality of the Printouts. 

It would be great, if it would be possible to have a tool which can make it more objective. 
this would mean to measure and exspecially to compare the printout with the original image. 

Furthermore there are the typical aspects of the printout to be considered: 
-Precision of Dotplacements 
-Path 2 Path (of Printhead) Corellation. 
- Quality of Color and Grayscale 
- Dotsatelites 
- Circularity of Dots 
- Linearity etc... 

I know, there is ImageJ, this I can use a bit for Quality of Color and maybe Sharpness, but main Aspect of ImageJ seems to be the Quantitative Analysis not the Qualitative one... 

Any help is welcome. 

Maybe somebody here knows cost-efficent software-solutions for the described problem. 

Hi Benito,

did you already try to use KNIME Image Processing in combination with it's integration like? We have plenty of nodes for preprocessing your images, segmenting objects and finally dervice measurements on them (like circularity).  If we don't have a certain functionality within KNIME you canseamlessly  reach out to Python.

Maybe you can provide us some example images and describe what you want to measure on these and we can set-up an example workflow which might help you getting started.

Hope this helps,





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