Solution like an Alteryx multi formula tool

Each case goes through several steps. Currently, I only have the start date for the first step and the duration for the remaining steps. Now, I want to calculate the date based on the previous step and the duration in the current row. See also the attached Excel file with an example.
Knime_workflow.xlsx (10.3 KB)

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You can achieve this by:

  1. using group loop to iterate over each ID (I take that are your unique identifiers)
  2. processing all steps for one ID inside a recursive loop - using column expression incl. “Window Size” feature (Advanced tab) you can reference the date of always the first row and calculate the date for the second row…

Prototype available here:
LeadTimeCalc.knwf (93.7 KB)

WF Overview:

Column Expressions settings:


Hi @colintermeer

Here another solution :slight_smile: leadtime.knwf (39.7 KB)

gr. Hans


That is actually the simpler one :-). Gosh drawn to recursion so easily xD

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