Solutions to "Just KNIME It!" Challenge 27 - Season 2

:boom: New Wednesday, new Just KNIME It! challenge! :boom:

:soccer: This week we’ll work on a data exploration challenge to better understand FIFA football matches! :thinking:How many matches were played between different confederations in the 2021-2022 season?

:mega: This season we will have 30 challenges, so it’s fair to say we can already see the end of it coming! :running_woman: Time to tackle old challenges and score your way into our leaderboard! :trophy:

Here is the challenge. Let’s use this thread to post our solutions to it, which should be uploaded to your public KNIME Hub spaces with tag JKISeason2-27.

:sos: Need help with tags? To add tag JKISeason2-27 to your workflow, go to the description panel in KNIME Analytics Platform, click the pencil to edit it, and you will see the option for adding tags right there. :slight_smile: Let us know if you have any problems!

Here’s my solution. For the life of me I couldn’t figure out why the “shootouts” table is necessary. It seems to be entirely replicated in the “results” table. I’m certainly open to an explanation of my error.


Solution to the challenge.
I used the shootout dataset as a just-in-case check so that I don’t miss out on any team.

Workflow at my Public Hub



Hope it helps! :smiley:


Hello all, this is my solution.

This challenge involves business understanding, and my attempts are as follows:

  1. There are duplicate rows in the “results” table and the “team” table, and I have deleted them.

2.I did not use the “shootouts” table because of my personal understanding: it was the result of a draw penalty, and there is data in the ”result “ table.

3.In the 2021-2022 season, I don’t know how to define the time range. I have chosen a relatively large range, from January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2022.


Hi everyone. Here is my solution.

I think the resulted table should be a symmetric matrix.
So I prepared combination list and separate twice with switching the order.

I enjoyed this challenge :+1:


Hello everyone,

I guess this task is quite simple. However as @rfeigel I am a bit confused with shootouts table - it seems to be irrelevant for the task. However I implemented 2 branches where it is possible to see the all matches for 2021-2022 season and shootouts only.


Hi all,
This is my solution.
I filtered only the games under FIFA.


Helloooooo where are my KNIMErs?

Here is my solution, in the same way as my colleague.

We are already in the final stretch of the second season, good luck!


Hello everyone,
Here’s my solution. I learned @Tofusa’s workflow and noticed that the table should be symmetrical as shown in the description of this challenge. Thanks.


Hi Everyone :slight_smile:

For this challenge, I filtered between the dates 01/01/2021 and 31/12/2022 because I don’t know when the football season begins and ends! Additionally, I filtered in rows only related to FIFA tournaments.
I then joined the confederations to the home and away teams and used the -Pivoting- node to calculate the matrix.

Thanks @sryu for the reminder to duplicate the rows where the home and away teams are different in order to make sure all matches are counted in the matrix!

I also wasn’t sure what to do with the shootouts table as the rows seemed to be present in the results table, but perhaps that’s due to a lack of football knowledge! haha

Here is link to my workflow on the hub:

Best wishes


Find here with my submission for challenge 27


:sparkles: As always on Tuesdays, here’s our solution to last week’s Just KNIME It! challenge :sparkles:

:blush: You folks are right: for this challenge, there wasn’t any need to use the shootouts dataset. At first, the challenge was going to be a bit different so we would use it, but we thought it was nice to leave it there because, in real life, we sometimes do get more data than what we need to solve a task. :nerd_face:

:star2:Super cool solutions as always! See you tomorrow for challenge 28 – we’re almost done with Season 2! :exploding_head:

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