Solutions to "Just KNIME It!" Challenge 29

This thread is for posting solutions to “Just KNIME It!” Challenge 29. This week we will compare test score distributions between different group of students :mag_right: :open_book:

Here is the challenge: Just KNIME It!

Feel free to link your solution from KNIME Hub as well!

And as always, if you have an idea for a challenge we’d love to hear it! :heart_eyes: Tell us all about it here.

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Here’s my solution. Includes a range of visualizations and statistical tests.


Here is my solution - I have designed a viewer to view and compare scores and look into the results of the statistical test. A screenshot of the viewer is attached, alongside the link to my workflow which contains the component and its expanded workflow should anyone be curious about its inner working.

Hope this helps.


No analytic changes. I added a column select widget so all three of the plots can be changed at the same time.


Very nicely done! Kudos to you. One quick question. Where is your data table located? The table reader is pointed to “Relative to current workflow”, but the table is not in the data folder.

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Thanks for the kind feedback, and for pointing out the issue with the data table. Initially, the table reader pointed to relative current workflow which made sense when I downloaded the file into my local workflow space, but I noticed that it doesn’t work in the KNIME hub. So, I fixed it by using the KNIME URL instead to locate the file. The changes have been updated in my KNIME hub, so hopefully, this works.

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Thanks for the explanation. If I weren’t so old and senile I would have thought of this fix sooner - I copied the table I downloaded and put it in your data folder and pointed to that. Works perfectly.


Here’s my solution for Challenge 29


I’ve added Column Selection and Refresh Node to the Automated Visualization Component so it can select between different Score Columns and “Best Results” will run the default values specified by the original automated visualization component node.


Hello Knimers,

here is my take on the challenge.

Have a nice evening,


Here’s my third version. Encapsulated everything in a component and added selection nodes. Borrowed a few ideas from ndwulst and si_daniel_a.

V1 Workflow


My Take on Challenge
Just Knime it-029 – KNIME Hub


As always on Tuesdays, here’s our solution to #justknimeit challenge 29! :mag_right: :open_book:

Once again it has been shown: y’all think outside the box when approaching these challenges! :star_struck:
See you tomorrow for a new challenge! :heart_eyes:

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Hi there @rfeigel !
It’s great you are adopting the Verified Components from the Visualizations category for this challenge!

Unfortunately your workflow is linking local components. You must have downloaded the components first in your KNIME Explorer and then drag them in your KNIME Workflow.

Next time you build a workflow like this please consider to drag the components directly from KNIME Hub to your workflow. This is super easy either from your web browser or from the KNIME Analytics Platform dedicated KNIME Hub panel.


Using this practice it does not just allow you to save time, but also offer you to:

  • Keep the workflow up to date with anything we change in the components (bug fixes mostly)

  • Make your workflow appear at the bottom of the KNIME Hub component pages (people might look for an example of small multiples view and they can find like this your workflow)

  • Avoid errors showing up when your users open your workflow. they will read that the links the local components you downloaded broke.

Feel free to update your workflow by re-sharing it and overwriting it (don’t delete or this workflow link will break).

Any questions?
Reply in here and let me know.

Great job and thank you for this workflow!

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(repost : html issue)

I could not post to my hub space with the latest updated KNIME 4.6.1 therefore I tried with the 4.5 version I kept and I could upload my solution a few minutes ago.
It might be wrong but here it is Just Knime it challenge-29-Comparing Student Test Scores by Years – KNIME Hub
I will look to the answer right now.

All the best

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I updated the workflow. Please let me know if it works now.

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Hi there,
no components links are still broken in the workflow REF Challenge 29 – KNIME Hub
The component links are still directed to the current workspace, not KNIME Hub.
This is what appears on this workflow: REF Challenge 29 – KNIME Hub

Some Node Link Updates failed
  Unable to check for update on node "Automated Visualization 7:7": Can't read metanode/template directory C:\Users\user\knime-workspace\Verified Components\Automated Visualization
  Unable to check for update on node "Conditional Density Plot 7:11": Can't read metanode/template directory C:\Users\user\knime-workspace\Verified Components\Conditional Density Plot
  Unable to check for update on node "Small Multiples View 7:8": Can't read metanode/template directory C:\Users\user\knime-workspace\Verified Components\Small Multiples View

To fix this please follow these steps:

  • open the workflow
  • delete the current components in your workflow
  • drag and drop each of the components from KNIME Hub (link 1, link 2, link 3)
  • connect and configure the freshly added components
  • save the workflow
  • upload to KNIME Hub with overwrite

To test if it worked follow these steps:

  • close your KNIME AP
  • start KNIME AP in a different new workspace
  • download your workflow from REF Challenge 29 – KNIME Hub
  • open the workflow on KNIME AP with the new workspace

This is what you see when the issue is present (red x on components).


I followed your instructions and it worked. Thanks. Now I know what to do.


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