Solutions to "Just KNIME It!" Challenge 35

This thread is for posting solutions to “Just KNIME It!” Challenge 35. Learn how to work with network data using a LinkedIn graph as a concrete application! :wink: :smiling_face:

Here is the challenge: Just KNIME It!

Feel free to link your solution from KNIME Hub as well!

And as always, if you have an idea for a challenge we’d love to hear it! :heart_eyes: Tell us all about it here.

Season 1 of “Just KNIME It!” is slowly coming to an end: we’ll wrap up on October 26!

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hi, not sure this is the right way to do… my proposal for just knime it 35
Just Knime It-35.

yes, a bit an overkill with >15 nodes… :grinning:

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here is my solution:

Have a nice evening,


Here’s my solution.

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Hello KNIMErs,

Here is my solution to #justknimeit-35 :

KNIME Hub > gonhaddock > Spaces > Just_KNIME_It > Just KNIME It _ Challenge 035

First of all, thanks to the previous @lelloba 's post , good insights to start from. It’s been quite hard to set up with the multiple configurations; but it worth the new learnings.



I wonder if someone can take inspiration from this workflow to show something like this:

where the edges’ thickness represent something meaningful, like the duration of the connection on LinkedIN with those people represented by the nodes. :man_shrugging:

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Very impressive! Well done.

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Hi, here is my solution.
Good to know that social graphs like on Roam Research or Obsidian app can be created by knime!

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Hi everyone,
Here is my solution.