SOLVED/ beginner level question/ not all columns available in the include-lists


I have successfully read a file and done some analysis.

Occasionally, in configuring node (for example Auto-Binner)
only one column of my data is available in the include-box.

How can I proceed to have all or most of my columns

Thank you!


You can move all columns used for binning from the exclude list into the include list, either via double-click or the add or add all button.

Thank you. The problem here is that I cannot see my data columns in the include or exclude-lists. Only one column (out of 15 in the data, all having numerical values)  is in the include-list.



That's indeed interesting. Can you send me the workflow and/or the data?

I am assuming that a lot of your columns must be string columns and therefore will not be shown, this is denotated by an S next to the column name.

since you are using the binner node, they need to be represented as an integer (denotated by I) or a double (represented by D). 

The columns may contain numbers but still be in string format. You will need to use the string to number node to convert them,.  


Hope this helps.


Thank you for your advice. The columns were indeed in string format and converting them to numbers solved the problem.