[SOLVED] Filter with variable as list of numbers


I have a dataset with 10000 rows. Within this set I have in 10 following rows data about the same workpiece (with an id) but of a different posisitions. I want to find the workpieces that have at least one position with property below a value (the bad ones).

By using a "Group by" and and the "Min"-expression I can find the workpieces (with its id) that have a property below a value.

But now it gets difficult (at least for me): For this workpieces, I want all the other positions too (not only the one that has the value below the treshold).

It is possible to use the list of workpieces that have at least a property below the value as a KNIME variable and filter it on the original dataset? If yes what knode do I use?


Reference row filter might do what you are wanting - use the groupby output as your second input, and your original table as the first input, and select your id column in each table in the dialogue, and select the 'keep rows from reference table'


That's the solution. Thanks very much :)