[SOLVED] How can I change the location of the folder "wekafiles"?

KNIME created the folder "wekafiles" in my home folder (using Linux). I would like to have it relocated. I guess I have to change a setting somewhere in KNIME. How can I do this?

This folder is automatically created by the Weka library and not KNIME. Please check Weka's documentation if there is a way to change the location (probabely there isn't).

Thanks for the pointer. There is a way: https://weka.wikispaces.com/How+are+packages+structured+for+the+package+management+system%3F



~/wekafiles is Weka's home directory. The home directory is stored by the environment variable WEKA_HOME. This can be changed e.g. by writing

export WEKA_HOME=~/.wekafiles

into "~/.bashrc". Here I wanted to have the folder wekafiles hidden, so the above line did the trick.


PS: Is there a feature in the forum to mark the thread/problem as a solved?

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