[solved] Plot something in 3D

Hello Everyone,

i wanted to ask you guys which of the nodes is the best for 3D plots? I'm currently using the RapidMiner Viewer, but i'm not that happy about it. The 3D scatter plot is pretty cool, but it isnt configurable the way i want it (drawing lines instead of scatter for example) and the Advanced Chart Mode is cool, but not supporting 3D Plots (at least as far as i know).

Thanks for any advice

Hi Jawed, 

I think what you are looking for is 2D/3D Scatterplot node from Erlwood Community Extensions.

After executing the node right-click > View: Scatter Plot. The plot will show up in a separate window. In the menu below the plat you can select the values for X, Y, and Z axes. 


Hope it helps!

Best, Daria 

Hello Daria,

yes, you're right! That is indeed what i was looking for =)


Greetings, Jawed

Hello, Daria.
a) I need something a little different (although related): I have a time series (with a monthly granularity) from Covid rates in a list of 12 municipalities. And I wish to plot how these rates have varied over a period of 16 months. I haven’t found any adequate node for this particular visualization. A 3D Bar Chart would be a satisfactory tool, for: x-axis - yyyy-MM (a string with ordinal values); y-axis: municipality (a categorical variable); z-axis - one of my three rates (and I could (thereafter) repeat the same node for the other two rates.
b) My second difficulty is to join (I tried the node Joiner, with an “inner” configuration, without good results) between two bases, that follow in these two XLSX files:
352Munic-MM_rates_pops.xlsx (19.5 KB)
6793_Munics+yyyyMM_rates_pops_forkMeans.xlsx (363.5 KB)
The first file (6793[…]) contains data from the general population (tot, female and male), cases, hospitalizations and deaths, and 3 rates (incidence (Number of new cases /month/10.000 inhabitants in each munic.) for Covid situation.
The second file contains data from 12 municipalities in a survey, with 22 respondents to a questionnaire, with 8 metrics for % variations in their business (demand (clients); efet (sales conversion); FatBrt (gross monthly invoicing); Lucrat (profitability); and 4 other less relevant metrics).
I thought it would work out if I joined both tables using Municipality and yyyy-MM as joining columns. What would you suggest? I intend to show how those three rates varied with time, and also how those metrics (the average rate for every municipality) varied with time.
Can you help me with this situation?

Hi Rogerio,
I don’t have yet a solution for the first question you posted.
For the second one however I do.
The values in the columns you are using for joining are different. YYYY vs YYYY-MM (see the screenshot). Therefore you are getting an empty result table. If you split the values in the second table into separate columns, then the joiner will work. I’m attaching an example workflow.

KNIME_joiner_timeseries.knwf (388.4 KB)