Solved: R predictor: Workspace variable names include user typos from previous nodes

In the Scripting -> R predictor node the workspace variables are called “”, “” and “knime.nodel”. The last one should probably be “knime.model” as shown in the sample R Script line, when the node is being placed. The sample code can’t be used at the moment “knime.out <- cbind(, predict(knime.model,”.


Hi @erik_pinter,

The R Predictor takes the workspace objects from the preceding R Learner node. Can you please check the name of the model you create in that node?
Just using the default values in both R Learner and R predictor, it’s knime.model for me in KNIME AP 3.7.1, so maybe there’s a typo in your Learner config?


SOLVED: This is completely my fault! :wink:
I am sorry I even assumed it had anything to do with KNIME :sweat_smile:

Thanks @RolandBurger for the fast reply!



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