[Solved] Report generation

After my first steps with Knime I moving forward to the reporting stuff.
I learned how to create a report and add charts and tables to the report.

But I’m struggeling with some points:

  • If I export a graphic as PNG I have to define a reasonable size of that graphic. Otherwise it is visible that the graphic was scaled up.
  • When I select SVG (which should not have these scaling problems) the graphic does not show up on the report.
    What do I have to do to import the SVG graphic?
    Is there still a problem with SVG as described in https://www.knime.com/forum/knime-reporting/svg-dynamic-plot-within-report-does-not-render-correctly ?
  • When importing the PNG there is a huge white frame around the graphic. I did not find any setting to adapt this frame.

After some test and investigations I found a solution:
BIRT offers also charts. That allows to create the charts directly in BIRT. These charts do fit better to the report.
But as long as charts are used both in Knime and the report it is double work.


Hi there @knimediger,

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Hi @knimediger,

You have already found one work-around of using the charting directly in BIRT. Alternatively, you can use KNIME charts exported into BIRT as SVG. There are step-by-step instructions on how to make this work in the description of the Export Image As option in the Image to Report node description, for example here:

Let us know it you face further problems with it.



Thanks! I was not aware of that feature.

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