Sort by month chronological order in bar chart (data to report)


I’m trying to have a bar chart split by month in chronological order, and it is quite the issue.
Here is what my flow looks like:

When I arrive to the “Data to report”, everything is in the right order, that’s when the problem starts.
Note that I extracted the month number and the month name without any issue.

In the bar chart settings, I have:
I display the month name, and sort by the month number

But then I get this:

Note that if I display and sort by the month number, everything is fine
I tried everything I could, and it makes me crazy; so if anyone could help, I’d be grateful.

What’s worse is that I’m sure the solution is very simple.

Hi @aci_erm and welcome to the forum.

As you’ve noticed, BIRT can be finicky to work with. I did find a tutorial video for this particular problem that I think will help you, though:

Does that work for your case?

Unfortunately it did not work.
I already tried a variant of what was proposed in his first solution. Did his exact first solution but still has that strange sort that you can see in the bar graph in my post.
As for his second solution, it seems we are not running the same version and I can’t manage to make it work.

Thanks for your answer though

FYI, i’m running:
BIRT: 4.9.0.v20200726-knime
KNIME: 4.3.0

Hi @aci_erm -

Here, try this example workflow I made and see if it helps:

BIRT_Sorting_Example.knwf (29.3 KB)


It did help.
Thank you very much.

The issue is that I was trying to use the “Optional Y series grouping” in the chart, but I see you are instead creating multiple “series” in Y.
I did the same and it worked.

Again, thanks for your help Scott.

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