Sort entries in charts

Anyone knows if I can sort the entries in the legend of charts?

It is possible, though you would need to use an unpivot node to take your series of data and put them into a single column using an unpivot node.  By default this only workd for alphabetical ascending and descending order but I imaging it could be possible to leave the data unsorted and sort your data in KNIME directly first.  Attached is an example. 



Hi Aaron,


thanks for the quick response!

It was also my first idea to unpivot the data and put them into a single column. Using the filter-option in "select data" it's possible to grouping the Y-series and order them in ascending/descending order. But i would like to sort the entries in any sequence. I think that is not possible directly in KNIME because my filtered data in the legend automatically alphabetical will be sorted.


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