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Hi everyone, I would like to know if there is the possibility to customize the X axis. I would like to get the X axis in the following order: Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr … However, when I draw the bar graph, the labels of the axis are not ordered. How can I solve the problem?

Count Equipment per mounth.knwf (15.5 KB)

Hi @dariorn8,

Just add a new column to your created table (ordered list) which contains integer values. E.g.:

Jan 1
Feb 2
Mar 3

Then by using the Joiner node, join this table to your main table based on the month values and add the integer column to your main table. Then use the Sorter node sort the table based on this new added column (integers) so the Bar Chart node will show the values in your desired order.



Great! :sunglasses:Thank you very much! It works!


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