Sorter: how to provide the boolean list for 'ascending/descending'

Hi, I am sorting rows of several files after row manipulation. I am using a list variable (s[º]) in the Flow Variables tab for the two columns I am using to sort, which seems to work. However, I don’t know how to define the ascending and descending option for each member of the list. There is a SortOrder option in the Flow Variables tab which requires a boolean list (b[º]), is this it?
If so, what is the boolean list composed of? It could be in true,false, Ascending,Descending or 0,1 format. If not, then how can I make sure the sorting direction will be followed for each of the listed columns?
Any help would be appreciated.


Hi @0nly4phil

You are indeed looking for a boolean list with true/false combinations based on what should apply for each column. Example:


Whereby column1 is ascending and column2 is descending.


Many thanks! :grinning:

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