Sortiing Ascending in output table

When sorting the result in my output table, instead of getting Row1, Row2, Row3, etc… I’m getting Row1, Row10, Row100, etc… (see below)

How can this be corrected ?


Yes, some might consider this a bug… once you have sorted the Row ID, there is no way to get it back to the “natural” sorting (ie. selecting “No Sorting” does not restore the original natural ordering.)

Easiest way to address this is to reset the node and re-run it.

To me clearly this is a bug.

Are there any plans to fix this in future releases?

Hello Richard,

I also had this problem, what I did was at the beginning of data entry create an identifier column 1,2, … n, (math formula: rowindex) and this same column sent to the output to sort ascending in the output.