source code of the existing nodes

Is there a way to look at the source code of the existing nodes?

The source code is available via the usual Update Manager in the category "KNIME Sources". They will be installed as plugins. If your are using the SDK version the source code will be directly accessible from within Eclipse.

hi thanks! but how can I view the source code as java files? I want to be able to see the source code of decision tree leaner node.




If you use the KNIME SDK you can view the source code directly from within the IDE. Add org.knime.base as dependency to your plugin and then search for the decision tree learner class.

hey... m new to KNIME and want to see the source code of Fuzzy c-means algorithm and modify it. please help me.. how can i get the code and modify it???

Thanx and Regards.

Please write the full instruction, how to access the node source code. Step by step.

Ok, After you downloaded the sdk from the installation plugin from knime IDE or you can download the SDK directly from the knime download page.


Then you can check the <code>/plugins/</code> under you knime installation root folder.


then you scroll down...down...down, untill you saw a jar file named




the version maybe different


ok, after, everything you need is to uncompress the jar file and you will find the source code which is already categorised well.


Hope this will help.

Cinqs, I found your post very useful. Thank you for your help.

I am curious, can anyone tell me why the org.knime.base source doesn't appear after importing org.knime.base via the Import-> Plug-in wizard?