Source code

Hi all,

I know that the question has already been posted, but I still have some trouble to retrieve source code of additionnal pluggins. The answer given was:

The sources of all KNIME plugins are available in separate plugins ending in “.source_2.x.y.jar”. The developer version finds these source files automatically.

However, I don’t know how to access to these automatically found source files… Although I’ve installed all possible pluggin through eclipse->help->update software command using knime and knime developper nodes, I still have no access to any pluggin source file. All jar files however seems to be present in /opt/eclipse/pluggin directory, but no source files are available (only .class in jar), and those pluggin are not available either in the Pluggin dependencies file hierarchy when we create a new node project…

I probably missed something here so If anyone see what… :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance.

using KNIME SDK, you can press F3 with the care over a import clause for a org.knime.* class to open the corresponding source file.
Otherwise, you can find the zip files containing the sources in the org.knime.features.base.source_2.x.y directory under the plugin folder of KNIME SDK.