Spark Context (Livy) Node - Cannot Load Settings

I have a Cloudera (Quickstart) VM environment running and want to connect Knime to it. I followed the tutorial from Knime and installed Livy. Livy is up on Cloudera, but now when I try to add the Spark Context (Livy) Node in Knime, it generates the following error.

  ERROR Create Spark Context (Livy) 2:1        Error loading model settings

I couldn’t find any more information on what the error points to. The “Execute” option is grayed out on the Node, so it means it has to do something with the Knime configuration.

My configuration:
Knime v4.1.0
CDH 5.13
Spark 2.4

Appreciate any pointers to solve this problem.

I figured the problem. The node had a input node and without the input it wouldn’t execute.

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Hi there @dokandar,

glad you figured it out by yourself!

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