spark to excel...

I want to convert spark data to excel file and save it.
The spark to excel node doesn’t seem to exist. Is there another way?

Hi @jjlee

There is no such node. However what you can do is to first extract data from Spark using Spark To Table node, after that you can push this table to Excel Writer node.

Thank you for your reply.
Converting to a table is a nice way, but I have to do all of this in spark.

Hi @jjlee,

As already mentioned, there is no Spark to Excel node.

If you have a large amount of data, and can’t use the Spark to Table node, have a look at the Spark to Parquet node.



@jjlee well if you absolutely must you can do that. If this makes any sense compared to just exporting it to KNIME and then writing it out as whatever you want is another matter - but hey you can do it …


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