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Hi, I have a case where we need to use lots of try/catch and if/endif also case switch/end statements on our spark jobs. However, AFAIK, Knime does not have special try/catch and if/endif nodes for spark.

I am using variables try/catch but also very limited because we cannot use the catch on the spark data ports.
The same goes with case switch variable where I can control a flow by putting the case selection as input variable, but in the end I cannot concatenate them together as spark concatenate even if it says has “optional in”, still needs the previous node to get done.

  1. Can I find any good example for these case switch, if and try/catch in spark?

2. And additionally, I need a workflow that even if the job fails it will destroy the spark context. I have tried some to no avail (with sample workflow attached)

Okay, I managed to get number 2 with try/catch…
Still, need the number one, especially case switch start and case switch end in spark with spark data.
(See attached… I need the same logic in spark). However taking the spark to table is not feasible as our dataset is very large

to (14.9 KB)

Thank you, and sorry for asking way too many questions on the forum!
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I have a workaround right now…


I use pyspark 1 to 2 and pyspark 2 to 1 but passing a flow variable which act as a flag

basically in pyspark 1 to 2, I just copy both of them:
resultDataFrame1 = dataFrame1
resultDataFrame2 = dataFrame1

in my first stream… I put an if statement using 1 to 1 pyspark script.
if flow_variables[‘v_eronica’] == 1:
resultDataFrame1 = dataFrame1.do_something
resultDataFrame1 = dataFrame1

so, if we need to do something, the flag will be 1 and pass to the codes. Else, do nothing.

Finally from the top stream and bottom stream, just use pyspark 2 to 1 nodes.
with codes as follows:

	if flow_variables['v_eronica'] == 1:	
		resultDataFrame1 = dataFrame2.join(dataFrame1, etc etc)
		resultDataFrame1 = dataFrame2

It is not a clean way to do it. So basically I need to find the “flag” first by validating the data.
However this one is more a case-switch scenario rather than try-catch…

I still need the try catch… Like try to do functions in spark, if it fails do nothing/something else. This way we need to run first rather than getting a flow variable.

Hey @Mizunashi92
I am not sure if I understand your use case correctly.
I seems to me, that you have a simple If/Else here, that you could handle with a 1 to 1 PySpark node.

intermediateDataframe  = dataFrame1
if flow_variables[‘v_eronica’] == 1: 
  intermediateDataframe = dataFrame1.do_something

resultDataFrame1 = intermediateDataframe.join(dataFrame1, etc etc)

I do not see the need of several nodes here.
You said you are already using the variable Try/Catch nodes with Spark, what is the issue you are having with it?

best regards Mareike
PS: There is no such thing as “too many questions in the forum”. :slight_smile:

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Hi Mareike,

Sorry, my question was also ambiguous.

Number 2 that I mentioned was another case.

I would like to have something like this in spark if possible.

The try and catch (data Ports) are only available as table connections, not spark data connections.

simply put, if the above fails, it will activate the bottom stream to pass on the next step. I need this in the spark nodes…

Any way to do this? Thanks!

what you are looking for is the Catch Errors (Generic Ports) you can find it on the KNIME Hub here:

A workflow may look like this:

TryCatchSpark.knwf (18.0 KB)
or on the hub

best regards Mareike


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