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Hi I am new to Sparql but need to perform 500 postcode searches on this link HM Land Registry Open Data and was really pleased to see that Knime had a Sparql extension.

I’ve got the endpoint and query nodes in a workflow and have simply copied the code from the website. Needless to say it doesn’t work. I’d like to get it working for one search then I need to loop it for my list of 500 postcodes.

The endpoint node executes (HM Land Registry Open Data) but the query node gives this error message:
ERROR SPARQL Query 0:27 Execute failed: Endpoint returned Content-Type: text/html which is not currently supported for SELECT queries

As I said, I’m a complete newcomer to Sparql so any advice gratefully received

I’ve got the query working :grinning: my endpoint was wrong
Am now attempting the variable loop


Hey @marisamurton , I am trying to perform some sparql queries on the land registry data. Would you be kind enough to share the end point or the workflow you were using. I am unable to perform any queries using this URL HM Land Registry Open Data

Hey! More than happy to yes. It was 2 years ago though so not sure if it still works but here’s the end point I used (HM Land Registry Open Data), I’ll try and export my workflow for you too.

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02_SPARQL_SELECT_land_registry.knwf (31.4 KB)

See if this works for you.

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