Spatial Objects in KNIME

I see that KNIME supports some ESRI Shapefiles functions and GeoNode Tools (Palladian). In the past, I have worked with Alteryx which supports detailed ETL of spatial objects and spatial functions. Are there any plans to enhance the Spatial capabilities of KNIME? For example, the ability to create and push storage of spatial objects into spatially enabled files or databases? Or the ability to create spatial buffers, Voroini polygons, or combine/split polygons?

We had some team internal discussion and talks to some node users a while ago to offer more/all of the Palladian Lib’s geo functionality as separate, dedicated, commercial node package.

However, (a) I feel there’s not enough interest for that, and (b) we do currently not have the temporal resources.

So, short + negative: From our (Palladian’s) side – no, not at the moment.

– Philipp

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