Specific column selection

Hello Community Experts,

I have a monthly sales target report for respective sales person for the current month.

The sales target will get updated every month for rest of the year. I need help in building a workflow where the output gives me the data from current month till end of year i.e if I am executing the workflow on February, I will be getting target sales data from February till December and so forth.
Sales data.xlsx (9.6 KB)

Thanks in advance


Based on the structure of your sample data (Column headers play a key role in this workflow) I have built this workflow which does what you want:

column filter based on month.knwf (65.3 KB)

Based on your column headers, I produced date variables which will be converted to table rows and then will be compared to the execution date and the columns for passed months will be excluded.

Please Check the workflow and feel free to ask any questions about it.