Specific Data Extraction from rows

Hi, I have a column named Specification. From the column, I want to extract the values of keys wherever, Length, Width, Height, Weight, and Dimension come up. I tried using String to document and pull from there and Using JSON. But it didn’t help. Can someone please help me with this? I am attaching the dataset also.
Specification_extraction.xlsx (14.9 KB)

The output I need is like the image below.

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Hi @anjeesanjeet

See this wf: data_extraction.knwf (24.2 KB).

The output is not identical to your output, because e.g. (different) weights, lengths, widths and heights -items can be found in one record. See screenshot:

To deal with multiple, weights, lengths, widths and heights in a record, you have to define some additional logic.
But I hope this helps you moving forward.

gr. Hans

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