Specific part of Column to grid format

I have a file that looks like this:
and I like to reformat the data from column2 row3 until row 17 into a grid of 3 rows and 5 columns.
But if I use the Column to Grid node, the total column2 is reformatted and also the empty row0 until row3.
Is it possible to give a selection of data and also a position where the reformatted data should be, f.i. column 3 row 10



Hi @RonG,

Does not removing empty rows work for you? For example using the Row Filter node to remove the first n rows. Or converting empty cells to missing and handling them by using the Missing Value node.

If I am not getting you right, an example of your desired output would be helpful.


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Hi there @RonG,

well you can extract part of data on which you want to use Column to Grid node with row and column filtering/splitting. After that join/append back with original data in a way you wish.


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I hoped there was a way to do this with one node, but thanks for your solutions. Will extract data first then reformat it and concatenate again


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