Specifying Workflow or Component "Author" in Modern UI

I would like to be able to specify “Author” for workflows/components without reverting to Classic UI.

Currently in Modern UI, I see no way to specify the workflow author, whereas in the Description panel in the Classic UI this can be specified.

As such, whenever I create a new workflow or component in Modern UI, the author is set to my pc username which is not what I intend, and I have to switch to classic UI to fix it. I would rather be able to specify my forum username, or some other name as the author as this is more meaningful than whatever my PC/LAN username is. Especially if I am going to make the workflow/component public.

I actually think it would be beneficial if it were possible to define the author as a global setting within my KNIME AP installation. Or is this already possible, and I have just never found it anywhere :wink: ?