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I have a spectral database obtained with vegetation spectroradiometry reading and characteristics of experiments such as soil tillage types, position of spectrum reading according to geographical orientations, by climatic stations. My idea is to explore the relationship of the spectroradiometric data and group them according to the weather season and soil preparation experiment. Spectroradiometric data with wavelengths ranging from 350 nm to 2500 nm are expressed as reflectance (ratio of reflected radiation to incident radiation - relative magnitude expressed as a percentage) and the intention is to classify the data by identifying the type of radiation. soil preparation and / or time of data collection (summer, fall, winter, spring) based on spectroradiometric readings Can anyone assist in building the workflow - the data is in excel spreadsheet.

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Do you have some sample data you could post that might give folks a better idea idea of what to do? Sounds like some time series analysis and (possibly) some clustering would be involved.

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Hi, dear ScottF
This file is a sample of the organized spectral data. The original file has over 875,000 records and approximately 33 MBytes.spectral_data_knime.xlsx (23.1 KB)

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