Spending score by age group

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As being the beginner I’ve stuck in huge data set segregation following is the question I have

In the attached CSV file I have to know the spending score of each age group wise using the NEW ID created and visualizing it. I’ve also attached image for reference.

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Age Group Distributed Clean Data.csv (1.0 MB)

Try this to get you started. Charting is not a Knime strong suit.


if you use @rfeigel s workflow and pivot your data you get sth like this

You still need to tweak it of course


Thank you for your prompt response @rfeigel @Daniel_Weikert I tried to do it by-myself as well in short way and it worked. As the age group distribution I made it is in big name format which was mistake as @rfeigel tried to make it smaller which was also good initiative. :slight_smile:


Here’a the workflow with pivoted data as @Daniel_Weikert suggested. That was a good idea.


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