spesific consequent

im new on knime, can association rule get result for spesific consequent ?
for ex : any collection [a,b,c], spesific consequent yes or no
then the result [a,b,c] --> yes
[b,c,d] --> no

Hi @jerem1

We do not have a native node for this. But you can definitely built this.

Can you give us some exemplary input data? Than we can try built you a solution.

Cheers, Iris

@Iris appreciate for your respond
for example ;
product a - company a --> win
product a - company b --> lose
product b - company b --> lose etc.
can we built an association rule with spesific consequent, for example i want to associate the antecedent with 5 consequent.

For me this sounds like something for the groupby node. Where you mostly calculate statistics?

What I would do:

  1. Generate a list product - company - win/lost
  2. group on product company and select the mode class of win/lose.

This would already give you your rules.


@Iris thank you for your suggestion. God bless u.


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