Splash screen flipped

I’m running KNIME 4.7.3 on my Mac (Sonoma 14.2 / M2 architecture)

I just realized something funny (don’t whether this is a new behavior, I did not see it before though the KNIME installation was done month ago. but I recently updated the MacOS to Sonoma).
When launching KNIME the splash screen first appears normal. After applying the workspace selection, it’s flipped horizontally. Everything else works very well (I guess). I just wanted to share this funny behavior.

Hi @niederle

This is known to the devs (AP-21237 for reference) :wink: It’s an Eclipse issue. [macOS Sonoma] Control.setBackgroundImage - image is upside down and flipped · Issue #772 · eclipse-platform/eclipse.platform.swt · GitHub

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Thanks a lot :+1:
So my assumption was correct. :upside_down_face:

Will be fixed in 5.3 btw accordingly to the changelog of the latest build.

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