Split cell into rows

I’ve got a text file that contains rows like this:
5633509 abstandardguids 1c2dc678-7053-11df-8ebf-be719dff4b22,1d470ac4-7053-11df-8ebf-be719dff4b22,1d2f3e58-7053-11df-8ebf-be719dff4b22

The third column is a series of GUIDs separated by commas, could be 1, could be 20 or more. I need to transofrm that into:
5633509 abstandardguids 1c2dc678-7053-11df-8ebf-be719dff4b22
5633509 abstandardguids 1d470ac4-7053-11df-8ebf-be719dff4b22
5633509 abstandardguids 1d2f3e58-7053-11df-8ebf-be719dff4b22

I was thinking the pivot would do this, but I’m not getting that output. Hoping there’s a trick I’m missing or maybe a different tool I should use?

Use Cell Splitter first to put GUIDs in separate columns then use unpivot on GUIDs to get what you need.

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Try this example workflow. It uses the Cell Splitter and Unpivoting nodes, and then some filtering to get rid of unneeded fields and missing values. (I added an extra row of dummy data to make sure it would handle multiple GUIDs correctly.)


UnpivotingExample.knwf (14.2 KB)


Unpivoting! Wow, that one totally wasn’t on my radar.

Thank you so much for the quick response!