Split Cells

Hi Guys,

I am trying to split column. I need to split columns based on - . The result which I expect is
Column A Column B Column C
43533 Transfer pricing income intercompany 100
46901 Sales 200
478-1501 Superannuation - Corporate 300
478-220 Superannuation - SOP 100

Could you please let me know which node should I use


You can do this with the Cell Splitter node :slight_smile:

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I tried it using the cell spillter node using the - as delimiter but because the data is not consistent the account number and the account description just moves to different colomn. Is it possible to built a logic for this in some notde

Hi @Ankit_smart,

an example file with more than a handful numbers would help to suggest a solution.

Please include the Account numbers were you have currently problems with the cell splitter :+1:

Test TB.xlsx (18.8 KB)

I have created the Test TB file.

Hi @Ankit_smart,

from your example file " - " so Space-Space should work as delimiter for the cell splitter.
Or what does not work with that configuration?


oh my god, I must be stupid. It was so simple. I was thinking the delimter would only be “-” like in excel. I didn’t knew that you could actually write " - " space-space in delimter. Thanks a ton. i guess It splits other cell as well but I can join it afterwards. I must say in two days I have learned a lot about Knime.

Thanks a ton


Great that it worked for you! :+1:


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