Split concatenated string into columns - with the resulting split columns containing same values


is it possible to split a column containing concatenated strings into multiple columns where same values are assigned to the same columns?

Table 1 Table 2
Concatenated String Concatenated String Concatenated String_Arr [1] Concatenated String_Arr [2] Concatenated String_Arr [3] Concatenated String_Arr [4] Concatenated String_Arr [5]
V3, V2, V4, V1 V3, V2, V4, V1 V1 V2 V3 V4
V1 V1 V1
V4, V3 V4, V3 V3 V4
V5 V5 V5



Hi @Anjo

Could you please specify your expectations a bit?
Are Table 1 & Table 2 input tables (columns?)
Is data in Table 1 always identical with data in Table 2?
Are columns Concatenated String_* expected output columns?
Should columns Concatenated String_* refer to Table 1 OR/AND Table 2?

Hi @Anjo ,

if I understood your problem correctly, a combination of Cell Splitter, Unpivoting and subsequent Pivoting do the sorting of values in respective columns. Check out the attached workflow.
split_to_columns.knwf (12.5 KB)


Hi @Kazimierz and @nan,

thanks a lot for your reply. nan’s solution is exactly what I was looking for. For clarification, Table 1 is the input table containing the column with concatenated strings (not sorted) and Table 2 is the expected output. I received the same result as nan’s workflow but with more nodes, using a combination of Transpose → Renaming → Rule Engine → Transpose




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