split content

Hi, I need to split the content of column.
The content of my columns is for example as follows:
abc, 13, Italy
drto, kl, 15, France
asss, gft, sdt, dtf, Italy
a, Germany
I only need to keep the country.
Can someone show me how to do it?
Many thanks in advance.

Hello @monica_rosciano,

you can use String Manipulation node for this task. If country is always last information and before it you have comma + space then you can choose one of following expressions.

Extract part of string based on last comma found:
substr( $column1$, lastIndexOfChar($column1$, ',') + 2)

Or similar approach only using regular expression:
regexReplace( $column1$, ".*,\\s(.*)" , "$1")



Dear Ivan,
thank you for your suggestion.

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