Split data in a row into multiple rows (3)based on a rule and each of these multiple rows will have different columns

I have a data set which contains rows and I need each row to be split into one, two or 3 rows based on a rule. The columns that go into each rows will be different.

Audit description column has value as update required, this update can be either New FCC Indicator update or New Match Indicator update or both

If there is only change to FCC, i should show the updated FCC value and 13
If there is only change to Match, i should have updated match value and 11
if there is change in both, i need this to be in 2 rows one for FCc and one for Match

The Audit Description Field just tells there is an update but does not tell if update is required only on Match or FCC or on Both Fieds
FCC Indicator(07Y) needs to be compared with New FCC Indicator Update
Match Indicator(07Y) needs to be compared with New Match Indicator Update
and determine where update is required


I need an output like below

Hi @chaithuj I’m not sure I understand what you are trying to do. Can you support your ask with some example (input data to start with, and how the final results should look like)?

yeah adding example here

Added sample of how Input and output

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