Split different datetime string format with a regex

I have this 2 type of string format in a single table, here below an example:


Some of the row values have the “/” and some others have the “-” separation character.

I would like to split them in 2 different tables in order to convert them as Date Time format.

Why I need it? Cause if I process the entire table to a String to Date&Time node with dd/MM/yyyy format, then It thrown an error because I have also some rows values with different format string type (I mean with “-” character as separator):

ERROR String to Date&Time 0:187:188 Execute failed: Failed to parse date in row 'Row202: Text ‘24-06-1999’ could not be parsed at index 2

Any suggestions?

Thank in advance.

Hi there!

Try using String Manipulation node with function replace and replace “-” with “/” or vice versa. After that String to Date&Time node should work on entire table :wink:



Thank you @ipazin !!
It perfectly worked for my case.


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