Split row into multiple based on bin size

Hello all,
I am not sure if I named the topic correctly. What I want to do is this: I have one row
Equipment Count
Antenna 17

I have different rates to apply to each 6 antenna increments. So I need to turn this one row into 3 rows with different labels:
Equipment Count Label
Antenna 6 first 6
Antenna 6 second 6
Antenna 5 13+

How can I achive this?

Hi @IrynaK

There is a One Row to Many node that will expand your one Antenna row to 17 rows. After this, you can apply a Group Loop Start node to operate on each individual item of equipment, and use the Rule Engine node to apply rates based on row indices (rows 1-6 will get one value, rows 7-12 another, etc).

After this you can Group By ‘equipment’ and ‘rate’ to get your 3 rows with equipment name, counts and rates.

Split Row into multiple.knwf (30.9 KB)

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Hm…it would have worked if there was a hard coded price, but the price changes per year per customer so both the customer and prices need to be variables as well in this case to make this work…Those come from a different table.

Any other way?

Hi @IrynaK,

don’t quite understand what your inputs are and expected output but maybe Rule Engine (Dictionary) node can help you in above workflow. If you share more maybe you get additional ideas :wink:


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