Split string cell (skip delimiter occurrences or start from other side)

Is it possible to split a cell contents based on the xth occurrence of a delimiter or start splitting from the right side of the cell and work towards the left?

i'm only trying to extract a filename plus extension from a string in the format of /abcded/12345/1234/1/file_name_length.ext

but there could be more or longer alphanumeric values between the "/" delimiter.

If I was able to split from right to left I would know the 1st new column was my filename but using cell splitter I can't be sure which column contains my filename

Any suggestions?

Looks like URL to filepath will do the job for me


one idea is also to use the cell splitter and than use the cell combiner only on the first k columns.

For anything else, we have the stringmanipulation node, this can also do it.

Cheers, Iris