Split your dataframe in chunks

I have a huge dataframe, for which I’m getting stuck in two functions, as is not able to process it (pivoting, and missing values node).

My question is, is there a way of splitting the process in several steps? Like doing a loop so it performs the function over 10% of the dataframe at once, and then concatenate the results?

GM @RoyBatty296
'Chunk Loop Start 'node is a candidate; Then process your data and collect the concatenated data in a ‘Loop End’ node.


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Thank you @gonhaddock , but what if I want to split by column and not by row?

It’s hard to say without seen any data… but you can try to Transpose your data before the Chunk Loop and Transpose it again just after it. then process your data.

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@RoyBatty296 you might try and use the


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