Splitting a single row (1x30) into mulitple rows by chunks (10x3)

Hello everyone,

I have a dataset consisting of multiple values arranged in a single row format (1x30), and I’m seeking assistance in transforming it into a table format (10x3). The goal is to divide the row into chunks of equal size and stack them accordingly. I attempted to convert the row into a column, but I encountered difficulties in implementing the chunk loop. Any assistance or guidance on how to accomplish this would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance!

Hello @lucas_chem ,
Welcome to the KNIME Community!

I tried to convert (1x30) into (10x3) using the following steps,

In the chunk loop start node, I set rows per chunk:10 and no.of chunks:3

So, I have divided the rows into chunks of equal size and stacked them accordingly.

PS: The snapshot shows only till row 22, but I have 30 rows in my output.

Let me know if this is what you were expecting.