Splitting an image in 13*8 equal images

Hey guys, this should probably be fairly easy, but I cant get it to work. I have an image on which I use the interactive annotator and then the segment cropper to end up with my ROI. This ROI consists of 13*8 cells which I need to process seperately. In ImageJ2 there is this easy function: Image to stack, where you only need to enter the amount of rows and columns the image contains. This works like a charm. But as this is not a native KNIME node I wanted to give it a try using the splitter. I devided the size of my ROI by 13*8 and entered that as dimensions for X and Y under advanced settings. However it keeps throwing an error. Perhaps because it can't handle a value like 242,5?

I tried attatching the workflow as a zip file here. But I get a validation error. If you are interested let me know and I'll email it to you.

Hey @Luuklag,

did you solve your problem in the meantime?

Yes, it is likely that using non-integers causes an error here.

Since a few months, there are now Tile Loop Start and Tile Loop End nodes that might be helpful in your case. See also:

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