Splitting column content based on two delimiters at same time. Is it possible?



I am dealing with location coordinates, arranged in same column. I need to obtain two columns (latitude and longitude), but I am facing difficulties to find a way to split the column. Actually, I thought on splitting the column content based on two delimiters: + -

Is it possible? Is there a better solution:


Location (Current column content)






After splitting:

Latitude                 Longitude

+49.2446              -123.064/

+49.24966            -123.11934/

+40                       +155/

+13.58283            +144.83534/



Many thanks,


Hi, I am not sure why would you like to do this that way in one node, where there is no single separator between the coordinates. It is possible with a Java Snippet, but maybe you will like the attached workflow's solution too.

Cheers, gabor

The RegEx Split node should do this. I havent' check but a pattern like ([+-]\d+(?:\.\d+)?)([+-]\d+(?:\.\d+)?) may work.