Splitting data into parts

I would like to split data into 10 parts. How do I do this in Knime?

Do you mean splitting rows or splitting columns? And how do you want to split them?

Probably best if you append some sample data.

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I built this workflow that takes some data, uses random numbers to sort them and then split hem into a given number of parts and store them in KNIME tables. Still wondering if there is an easier way.

You could also combine an iteration of the Partitioning node.


kn_example_split_data_10_parts.knar (892.7 KB)

Thank you for your responses. I have to perform 10 fold cross-validation on 10% of the dataset and test on 90% of the dataset. Also, this has to be repeated 20 times. Looking to perform the cross-validation manually by dividing the dataset.

OK if you want cross-validation there are already nodes for that. You might put a loop around so you could multiply that.


Or you might want to try out the powerful H2O.ai nodes



Thank you, will try these out.