splitting of rows with multiple patterns

Hi guys,

I am pretty new to Knime. So, this might be a silly question!
I am trying to split rows with multiple pattern matching option using Reference Row Splitter node (RRS). However, after executing the node, I still see that it doesn’t split the rows completely. The patterns that I am looking for (in the reference table) are in multiple rows/columns, so that’s the reason as with RRS node I can define only one column (i.e. data table column). I am wondering if there is any other trick to do the job?


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Reference Row Filter/Splitter node only accepts one column. Check bottom topic for ideas and workarounds. Will add +1 to existing ticket. (Internal Reference: AP-2843).



-OK, great, thanks.
I think I might be able to use rule-based row filter node for this purpose.


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Hi @naraj,

You might also find it convenient to introduce the Rule-based Row Filter / Splitter (Dictionary) which allows to define rules based on the content of the reference table. Personally, I don’t like this node that much because first, the configuration lacks for intuitiveness and second, it mixes data with code which programmers never like to see.

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I’ve just had an issue with this and my solution was with 3 nodes.

  1. “Concatenate” both sets so they’re in the same column

  2. Then use “Duplicate Row Filter”. Set advanced tab to “Keep duplicate rows” & check box "add column showing “unique”, “chosen”, “duplicate”

  3. Then filtered off the “unique” with the “Row Filter” with pattern matching unique for the “duplicate-type-classifier” column


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