Splitting time from date

I have a data file (here) which I have put in knime but now need to take the time away from the date column. I tried using cell splitter, but nothing is happening when I tell it to split on " ". Is there a way of telling it to split after “NN:NN”? Thanks in advance. Workflow attached!
Kazachestvo.knwf (1.7 KB)

Have you tried the Extract Date&Time Fields node?

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Yes, but it didn’t work

Your workflow is empty.

I manually extracted several dates from your json file and split the time string with a single space. Bear in mind these are strings not date/times. The original format is very non-standard.

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Thanks. Yes, their time and date is very non-standard, I have tried uploading the workflow again. Hopefully this time it contains data
Kazachestvo.knwf (1.7 KB)

Kazachestvo.knwf (87.6 KB)
That seemed not to do it- try this one instead. I downloaded it and it seemed to contain my workflow.

Did you look at the workflow I posted? The workflow you uploaded doesn’t contain the data since you have the reader pointed to your local system. You need to add a data folder to your workflow and put the data there and then point the reader to relative to current workflow. In the meantime I copied the separate data file you posted. I corrected the Cell Splitter in your workflow in accordance with the example I posted and it works correctly.

I didn’t see a workflow on your post, no. All I saw was a link to a community forum for time/ date splitter and table creator nodes

Click on the link and you can download it from the Hub. Here’s a screenshot of the change you need to make.

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Oh, I don’t need quotation marks? THANKS! I was convinced I needed quotation marks every single time I tried that!

No. One space. Please mark “solved” if you’re satisfied.

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