SQL Parsing issue in DB Query Reader node ?

I’m using Knime 4.0.2 on MacOS Mojave. I’m using the DB Query Reader node to run some substructure searches against a PostgreSQL database with the RDKit cartridge . When trying out various queries, I noticed some odd behaviour when commenting out lines of test SQL in the node.

This first query evaluates fine…

But just put an extra blank line after the query and the parser gets confused…

I originally noticed the issue when commenting out other queries in the node…

If there is a better place to report an issue like this, please let me know :slight_smile:


Hello Drew,

The DB Query Reader sends the SQL query to the database without modifications, except for the evaluation of the statement. If the node fails execution, the native parser of the database throws an error.

The DB Query Reader can handle only one SQL statement. If you drop the semicolons in the statement the database parser and the evaluation will succeed.

Best regards,


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